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My name is Rick and my goal is to share with you tips, strategies and experiences that will help you in this life journey we are all on together. I will be sharing ideas on business, tips for “time management”, productivity within your day, or just something I’ve reflected on that resonated with me.

I truly hope you get value from these posts, and I will do my best to categorize them so you can quickly find the topic(s) that are of the most interest to you. That being said, some topics may overlap different categories, it’s just the way my mind works, but I will do my best to pick the one closest to the main topic.

Let’s begin our journey together! Please comment and ask questions along the way, this way we ALL benefit from each others lessons and experiences. There will be times that the writing is imperfect, because life is not always perfect. We all have hurdles and obstacles to face each and every day, but think about this: It is how we RESPOND to life’s circumstances, rather than how we REACT that sets us apart from the majority.

Do you understand the differentiation? Think of the way people use those two terms. Usually Respond is positive and React is negative. For example: Mr. Jones had a bad REACTION to the medication. Compared to: Mr. Jones is RESPONDING well to the treatment. The old saying “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade” is simply a metaphor on this very subject.

If you respond by making something positive out of the situation, then you can even profit from the results. Where as if you react, and just take a bite of the lemon, you’ll end up with a sour look on your face and not much more to show for it.

So, as life happens today, this week, this month, even this year, make it a habit to RESPOND and never ever REACT!

Have a Phenomenal Day!


Photo courtesy of Kookkai_nak at freedigitalphotos.net