The 5 Best Things About LinkedIn Marketing

Have you given LinkedIn much thought since you signed up five (or more) years ago and put your resume on there?

I, for one, have really only been active on LinkedIn over the past two years, and only because I am heavily active in social media from a business perspective.

I really stopped to think about it this week, when the LinkedIn app on my phone updated, and it now looks very similar to the Facebook app.  There are even emoji’s now that you can add when you send a message!

LinkedIn, which was once thought of as just a Social Media Job Board, has become a significant knowledge base, with valuable tips and insights from leaders such as Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, and Bill Gates.

On top of that, there are several tools that LinkedIn has rolled out over the past year or so that you may very likely have missed.

If you are a business owner, or have a marketing role in your company, check out the video above and give serious thought to giving LinkedIn a closer look.

More information coming soon on LinkedIn marketing to help your business

I was reflecting on something today…the difference between a Step Back and a Setback.

So often we let excuses get in the way of our progress, allowing it to be a setback. We are so much better served if, instead, we simply take a step back.

Here’s what I mean. Last week my son had a cold and was home from school for a couple of days. This week, I’m coughing, sneezing, and just not feeling great, but refusing to give in to being sick.

Now, I could use “being sick” as an excuse to do nothing, complain about being sick and make zero progress toward my goals (Setback). OR, I could use this time to step back and evaluate what I still need to do to move my business forward and work on those areas where I have been lacking due to my busy schedule(Step Back).

I was looking at my To-Do list, and one area that was seriously under-served was my website. So this week, in addition to some other housekeeping items in my office, I committed to getting my website up, running, and get some posts up on my blog.

It just seemed appropriate that this was one of the first.

As you approach each day, and life gets in the way, just remember that a small step back, can be a great plan of attack…

***(Now one thing I want to stress here is that life can present some major circumstances, and this is not meant to undermine the death of a family member, a trip to the emergency room, or any of the other millions of very serious traumatic events that can happen. The idea here is to avoid letting the more minor events, that are often used as excuses, cause a setback.)***

Here are 3 quick and easy steps to help you turn a potential “Set Back” into an effective “Step Back”: H.I.T. your goals!

  • Handle the Necessities – First and foremost, handle any immediate needs associated with the circumstance. Obviously, this is most important. If you need to help, visit or see someone, by all means this is a priority and should be done first. If you need to drop everything and rush to someone’s side, then do so and be there for them. Handle the urgent details, and then you can assess from there.
  • Identify your Focus – Once you’ve determined what you role will be for the given situation, and how much time it will (or may) take, you can then determine what you will be able to do for your business. It is imperative to identify what area you want to focus on. Chances are, regardless of the circumstance, it will not consume 24 hours of your day. If you are sick, there will still be time in the day (even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes) when you can think about what you have been letting slide because of your schedule. Identify that area or those areas that need the most attention, this will be your priority.
  • Take Action – Now that you’ve identified the priority, you can take action. Regardless of how much or how little time you have, use that time to take steps in the area(s) you identified. Even 5 minutes spent on this activity is better than the neglect you have been giving this area before. Each small step forward is STILL a step forward. You don’t have to build Rome in a day, you can start with just one brick.

I hope you have found this helpful. Until next time, commit to forward motion!


Hi, thank you for stopping by!

My name is Rick and my goal is to share with you tips, strategies and experiences that will help you in this life journey we are all on together. I will be sharing ideas on business, tips for “time management”, productivity within your day, or just something I’ve reflected on that resonated with me.

I truly hope you get value from these posts, and I will do my best to categorize them so you can quickly find the topic(s) that are of the most interest to you. That being said, some topics may overlap different categories, it’s just the way my mind works, but I will do my best to pick the one closest to the main topic.

Let’s begin our journey together! Please comment and ask questions along the way, this way we ALL benefit from each others lessons and experiences. There will be times that the writing is imperfect, because life is not always perfect. We all have hurdles and obstacles to face each and every day, but think about this: It is how we RESPOND to life’s circumstances, rather than how we REACT that sets us apart from the majority.

Do you understand the differentiation? Think of the way people use those two terms. Usually Respond is positive and React is negative. For example: Mr. Jones had a bad REACTION to the medication. Compared to: Mr. Jones is RESPONDING well to the treatment. The old saying “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade” is simply a metaphor on this very subject.

If you respond by making something positive out of the situation, then you can even profit from the results. Where as if you react, and just take a bite of the lemon, you’ll end up with a sour look on your face and not much more to show for it.

So, as life happens today, this week, this month, even this year, make it a habit to RESPOND and never ever REACT!

Have a Phenomenal Day!


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